Alberta has over 1.2 trillion liters of toxic oilsands tailings in ponds occupying over 220 square kilometres.
EnviroTek Remediation
has developed a breakthrough technology for the transformation of toxic oil sands tailings into Tier II landfill classified material and/or non-hazardous industrial fillers. This technology turns the world’s largest industrial contamination problem into industrial inputs for generating economic value.

EnviroTek stands out from the competition by combining industry leading research and development with a low-capital partnership business model resulting in cost effective solutions.
A tailings pond near the Syncrude oilsands mining operation, Alberta, Canada
ompetitive Advantages
Internal R&D
Remediation Pro
Chemicals are mixed into slurry and combination sits overnight.
Treated Tailings
Product completely solidifies producing a compound of tailing and resin.
Final Product
Product after air-drying. Entire process takes 3-4 days depending on environmental factors.
Our Experien
ed Team
Brian Leeners
  • 25 years executive management and board level experience
  • Private & Public company specialist
  • Founder, Nexvu Capital Corp
Maria Conejo
  • 10 years in environmental technology R&D
  • Expert biochemical and bacterial metabolic processes
  • Secure Energy and Kerui Petroleum
Greg Olesen
  • 38 years experience across the oil & gas, and chemical manufacturing sectors
  • Led critical projects in both national and international arenas
Greg Pearson
  • Over 30 years of experience in private and public sector capital markets
  • Founder, Nexvu Capital Corp
  • Directly responsible for over $100 million in financings
In discussions on Oil Sands Pilot and Bacterial Hydrocarbon Remediation sample testing.
Early discussions on an integrated application partnership for Bacterial Hydrocarbon Remediation for the Middle East and North Africa.
In discussions regarding end-product testing/applications subject to the Oil Sands Pilot.
Drafting terms for an integrated application partnership for Bacterial Hydrocarbon Remediation.